Singer-Index Test

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This test will (a) introduce you to some difficult ethical issues and (b) introduce you to the thought of Peter Singer (who is probably the most controversial philosopher alive today). The test has five true-or-false questions; a "can't decide" option is included because sometimes you have to answer by clarifying the statement or making a distinction. Give the answer that reflects your own views. Your answer will be evaluated as "correct" or "incorrect," however, in accord with how they reflect Singer's views.

My T/F test is from a review that I (Harry Gensler) wrote for the London Times on two of Singer's books. My review was in the London Times Higher Education Supplement (October 8, 1999), page 26. Singer, in an e-mail that he sent to me, endorses the test (which he says was "spot-on") as accurately reflecting his own views.

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