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Gensler Software (all free)

Major Instructional Programs:

LogiCola is a program to help students learn logic. It goes with my Introduction to Logic (Routledge Press, 2002 & 2010). Click here for LogiCola's download page.
A program for learning logic

A program for learning moral philosophy
EthiCola is a program to help students learn moral philosophy. It goes with two of my Routledge books: Ethics: A Contemporary Introduction (2011 & 1998) and Formal Ethics (1996). Click here for EthiCola's download page.

Smaller Windows Programs (click to save to your computer - no installation needed):

Old 16-bit Windows Programs (copy to your computer and unzip -- these may not work on newer computers):


    I wrote the old programs in Turbo Pascal for Windows and for DOS. I wrote the newer programs in 32-bit Pascal (CodeGear Delphi without VCL) and compressed them using UPX.