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Dolly Sods, West Virginia - Thumbnails

These are pictures of my May 2004 backpack trip to the Dolly Sods Wilderness, in West Virginia.

It's easy to get lost in this area, especially since many of the junctions are poorly marked and many of the maps are wrong. If you hike it, I suggest that you take a GPS with you. Here is a set of waypoints (please rename from "Dolly Sods.txt" to "Dolly Sods.gpx" and use with ExpertGPS or EasyGPS or many other programs); the junction letters correspond roughly with that used in the "Dolly Sods Area" section of the Montagahela National Forest Hiking Guide (except that I sometimes doubled the letters for the junctions in their upper map). As far as possible, my waypoints are derived from my hike; but a few are derived from maps or other sources. Here is an overview map with marked junctions; the map is based on the very fine work of the Dolly Sods Mapping Project people.

Click the screen on the right for a short Dolly Sods video.

To see all the pictures in sequence, click the first picture (or here) and then just keep clicking the right-arrow for the next picture.

00 - Lower Red Creek 01 - Little Stonecoal Trail 02 - Dunkenbarger creek 03 - Upper Stonecoal Campsite 04 - Upper Stonecoal Trailhead 05 - Harmon Mountain 06 - Sun breaking through 07 - View of valley 08 - A rocky ridge 09 - Upper Red Creek 10 - Wet trail 11 - Red Creek Forks 12 - Forks campsite 13 - By the stream 14 - Campsite 15 - Red Creek from trail 16 - Green trail 17 - Cliff 18 - Crossing of Red Creek 19 - Crossing Fisher Spring Run 20 - Rohrbaugh Cliffs 21 - Rohrbaugh Cliffs 22 - Sun out after rain 23 - Stream to cross 24 - Rhododendron 25 - Red Creek Rapids

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